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Rich Massabny, along with his wife, Judy, are sought after by restaurateurs seeking an independent, unbiased report on their restaurants. Rich is a well-known metropolitan Washington, D.C. restaurant critic and cable TV host/ producer. Judy, an award-winning public relations and marketing professional, coordinator of three cookbooks and a former national convention director, has reviewed restaurants and hotels all across the country. She has traveled to all but 10 states and worked with hundreds of chefs and restaurant owners in developing menus and events for as few as 10 people and as many as 10,000. 

Together, Rich and Judy are seasoned consultants, combining years of restaurant reviewing experience and an appreciation of the food service industry. Their confidential reports cover first impressions, service, food and ambiance. Rich and Judy have a high regard for anyone who knowingly and willingly goes into the restaurant business. They want restaurants to succeed and always go anticipating a positive experience.

Restaurant owners, managers, public relations firms and hotel managers who would like to contact the Massabnys for more information may call 703-527-2549, fax 703-527-3859 or E-mail: All communications are confidential.


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